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Note: 4 Rivers is not regulated to advise on insurance products and solutions but instead introduces regulated providers and brokers from a specialist panel.

Our network of providers and brokers can assist you with the following:

  • After the Event Legal Expenses Insurance: Legal liability for opponents’ costs following an Adverse Costs Order. Insureds’ own-side disbursements can also be insured.
  • Security for costs: This cover helps to address security for costs orders, which is especially useful for claimants who lack financial resources or do not wish to provide cash collateralisation.
  • Cross Undertakings: A policy covering damages and costs awarded against the claimant if it later transpires that the order was wrongly granted.
  • Contingency fee: This is a way for law firms to offer their clients a contingent fee structure, such as a 100% CFA or a DBA, whilst managing the risk if a case is lost the law firm will earn no income.
  • Appeal protection: The Financial Impact of a verdict or determination favourable to the insured being Reversed on Appeal.
  • Arbitration Proceedings Award Default Insurance: The default risk of a Sovereign State being unable or unwilling to pay following a successful Award.
  • Human Risk Insurance: Cases can often hinge on the appearance of key individuals, so coverage of extra costs can be obtained if the key individual is unable to continue.

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