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In Memberships and Events

4 Rivers is a sponsor at the upcoming LITFINCON II on 1st and 2nd March 2023 in Houston, Texas, where Peter Petyt is a featured panelist.

Please contact us to take advantage of a registration discount if you are interested in attending.

4 Rivers has also attended/will be attending the following conferences and events:

  • IMN June 2019, New York
  • LF Dealmakers 2020, Virtual
  • Washington Arbitration Week 2020, Virtual
  • GAR Live Energy 2020, Virtual
  • Offshore Alert 2020, Virtual
  • New York Arbitration Week 2020, Virtual
  • IMN 2021, New York
  • LF Dealmakers 2021, New York
  • Annual USC-JAMS Arbitration Symposium 2022, Los Angeles
  • International Legal Finance Association 2022, New York
  • International Chamber of Commerce Conference on International Arbitration 2022, Miami
  • Miami International Arbitration Society 2022, Miami
  • International Bar Association 2022, Miami