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4 Rivers is a third-party funding advisor and brokerage which originates claims either directly from claimants or through law firms. We help to structure claims so that the chances of them securing funding are substantially better than if we were not involved.

The population of claims seeking funding can be pictorialized in the following diagram:

The green portion of the triangle is a small number of claims which are investment-ready and need no additional work to secure funding on the most competitive market terms.

The red portion of the triangle consists of claims that are fatally flawed from a funding perspective and have a minimal or zero chance of securing external funding. This is usually because the merits of the case are weak, or the economics do not produce sufficient returns for the stakeholders, or the jurisdiction is unreliable, or the defendant has insufficient assets.

The yellow portion of the triangle is the universe of claims which are not currently investment-ready but have the potential to secure funding based on the involvement and value-add of 4 Rivers.

Our methodology is the result of many years of corporate finance experience where businesses and projects were prepared and presented to funders. The low acceptance rate of third-party funders mirrors that of the venture capital and private equity arenas. An advised proposition may be 20 times more likely to succeed than a non-advised one.