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4 Rivers’ fees are based on us being the sole and exclusive advisor for the project. We are there to manage the entire project for you and secure the very best deal for you. Sometimes this involves us taking over discussions which you may have held already with funders, as we are always confident that we can improve terms and/or the structure of the deal given the leverage that we have with these funders. However, we always introduce a range of new funding options for you.

We do not take commissions from funders. This outdated “broking” model does not align incentives with those of the claim holder, as traditional brokers may steer the claim holder to a funding solution which pays them the most commission but may not be the best deal for the claim holder.

Our fees normally consist of the following elements:

  1. Engagement fee, payable at the outset of the Engagement. The amount varies according to the amount of work required pre-funding and is required so that we can allocate the right amount of resources and commitment to you. The value that you obtain from this is far in excess of the monetary amount of the fee.
  2. A fixed fee payable on signing of a litigation finance agreement. This can generally be included in the claimholder’s funding facility and paid to us as part of the first drawdown of funds.
  3. A fixed or tiered % success fee based on the net pre-tax proceeds received by you AFTER deduction of direct expenses of the case including all funding fees and deferred and success-based attorney fees. This means that we are incentivised to secure the very best possible funding deal for you and stay involved until the matter comes to a conclusion.